Tiger Eye Amulet Necklace

This beautiful and chatoyant Tiger Eye Cabochon (22x30mm) is lovingly hand wrapped by Sidheag in 14K Gold Filled wire.  Beaded tiger eye links with handmade jump-rings and clasp finish this amulet at 16 inches in length.  Unique, one of a kind only.  Matching earrings accompany.

Tiger Eye is a quartz replacement of golden asbestos.  This particular specimen also has an inclusion of hematite on the reverse.

Mythic stone lore uplifts this mineral as an ally for grounding, organizing mental activity and clarity, synthesizing the powers of earth and sun while offering deeper creative insight.

Historically this stone has been used as an amulet to attract wealth while simultaneously engendering the stability needed for wealth endurance.



Tiger Eye Amulet Necklace with earrings

Tiger Eye Gemstone Cabochon wrapped in 14K Gold Filled wire. Earrings included as a set. Price includes Domestic shipping fees within the US and all required sales taxes. Please contact me with any questions via the contact form on our about page. If you are located outside the US please inquire about best shipping rates.


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