Malachite Circle Amulet

This Malachite Circle Amulet with Sterling Silver Spiral is 25mm across and is a fat 7mm. This shiny beauty is hand carved thus offering its unique contours and stature.

Malachite offers a soothing and supportive quality to the emotional body, being named a stone of loyalty in love and relationships. It has been used to gain insight via the intuitive realms, and the release of emotional energies, aiding in the clearing of pathways of destiny.

Malachite Pendant round

Malachite Circle Amulet

Malachite Circle Amulet wrapped in Sterling Silver with Spiral 25mm wide, 7mm thick Price includes Domestic shipping fees within the US and all required sales taxes. Please contact me with any questions via the contact form on our about page. If you are located outside the US please inquire about best shipping rates.


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