Malachite Cabochon Pendant

Beautiful lines clarify this all hand wrapped 22x30mm Malachite Cabochon pendant. Sterling silver wire creates the open backed setting that will hang gently from your cable, chain or neckwire.

Malachite offers a soothing and supportive quality to the emotional body, being named a stone of loyalty in love and relationships. It has been used to gain insight via the intuitive realms, and the release of emotional energies, aiding in the clearing of pathways of destiny. Known as a “stone of the heart.”


Malachite Cabochon Wire wrapped pendant

Highly polished Malachite Cabochon Pendant wrapped in Sterling silver wire. Pendant only. 22x30mm Price includes Domestic shipping fees within the US and all required sales taxes. Please contact me with any questions via the contact form on our about page. If you are located outside the US please inquire about best shipping rates.


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