Bloodstone Drop Necklace

Rich green and red hues are warmly woven with 14K Gold filled wire in this shy 16″ drop necklace. Lovingly crafted by Sidheag, with handmade clasp, beaded links and jump rings. It is a unique, one of kind item. Earrings make the set.

Bloodstone is well loved as an amulet for healing and soothing the heart energy centers. Providing stability and strength in intuition while opening doorways to ancestral guidance and communication. It can help one to access deeper creative states and stimulate insights into mystical realms.

Blood Stone Necklace with Earrings

Necklace and Earring set of Blood Stone and 14K Gold Filled Wire. Price includes Domestic shipping fees within the US and all required sales taxes. Please contact me with any questions via the contact form on our about page. If you are located outside the US please inquire about best shipping rates.


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